Chimney Repairs, Rebuilds & Removals for Cannock and the wider area.

SN Roofing are experienced roofers for Cannock and the wider area. The team provide a complete range of roofing services including chimney work.

Over time chimneys are likely to become damaged due to a number of factors. Positioned on the top of a roof means they are more exposed to the effects of weather. The chimney components are susceptible to cracking through freeze-thaw effect. This can cause mortar joints to flake, wash out and crack. This combined with the heating and cooling cycles from a fire and condensation and chemical reactions caused by flue gases.

Erosion may also cause a chimney to lean. Chimney risks increase with the age of a property; but even relatively new homes may need chimney work.

SN Roofing are on-hand to complete all required chimney work to ensure the stability of your chimney, safety and weathertightness of your property.

  • Chimney Removals
  • Chimney Re-Pointing
  • Chimney Flashings Renewal
  • Chimney Re-Builds
  • Chimney Pot Supply & Fitting

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